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The 80's demosound
Released in March 16th, 2006 at Breakpoint
Little Bitchard

Everything else

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Hi, this is merlucin writing from the darkness of the breakpoint 2006!

If you are reading this, you probably got a copy of the 80 demosound micro-demo. This is an intense 65-seconds work plenty of energy, movement and sync.

The demo grown around a song from Little Bitchard with the same name of the demo. I asked him for some unused music and this was the shortest file he sent :)

So once the decission was made he started to masterize the track while I began to watch the oldschool channel of looking for inspiration. There were lots of nice efects there, so I picked up some and started to recreate them in openGL.

So here you will find starfields, hierarchical wire cubes, fake plasmas, low res polygons, brillant (yet measued) colors, morphs, retro screen margins, viewport transitions and lots of sync points and flashes. We also gave preference to our own credits over the greetings like in the first times of the demoscene.

This demo was built over version 0A85 of the Spontz Visuals Engine. There were only 5 revisions in about ten months, nothing to feel proud about. Mainly bug fixes and some ampliations were done from the Automatic Dream (0A80).

I would like to thank xphere / spontz ^ zona neutra for the time he dedicated to build the Windows version of the engine at the last moment and all the support, and Ufix / fuzzion for telling me that the arrays, in C, start with zero (we were under heavy ethilic conditions this time).
Also I want to thank Little Bitchard / kewlers for his support and fast response, and of course winden / network for the ascii logo we used in the readme.

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