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Released in July 2004 at Euskal Party





Yet Another Nonsense Demo (YAND) was the first (failed) attempt of Zona Neutra demogroup for doing a "serious" demo. The demo was inspired in all the nonsense demos that we have seen during our miserable lives, and we liked so much... I'll tell no names, because I don't want you to compare "this" prod will any other prod :P

The music was composed by silenci with the Chameleon synthesizer, won in one of the previous bcnparty competition.

The initial part shows that we tried to do something serious, but around the minute 2 we where really tired and bored for doing a "typical" demo, so we decided to give the demo the "Zonan" touch... changing radically the music rhythm and the demo aspect.

One of the features that we are more proud of is the synchro that the demo has, done by hand, and suffered till the last minute of the deadline. Our musician (silenci) is really mad about the 
synchro so he requested a perfect harmony between the music and the video... well the result is not spectacular, but we did what we could, and we are proud of it! :)

The demo is completely done with the Spontz tools: demoeditor and engine, and we are really satisfied with the results that the engine offers: nice effects, easy usage... and multiplatform!! what else could we request?

Yand: With cold dirty sky Yand: Happy time Yand: the penis dance
Yand: the hypercube Yand: greetings Yand: Main title

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