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Second Coming
Released in 4st of April 2010 at Breakpoint 8


Second coming is a modest demo that tells a nice story: the second coming of Christ (a catholic deity in the form of a man) to the earth.When the world is over, when the hope is lost, when there is nothing we can do to go a step backward and change our mind about the human being and the planet in which he leaves, Jesus the Christ will come back down to the earth and will purify it through fire.

The survivors of this "cleaning" will be the ones with devoted faith to the Lord in times of disgrace. And among all of them, there is a special group of people called themselves the Jehovah witnesses. This demo animates several watchtower-related pictures and adds some glorious music, trying to scenify the moment in which all of this happens.

The code is basically the same used in Quintessence. You can notice some additions to the demoengine, although they are not used in the demo. This comes in the ways of some extra DLLs, specially about CG shaders, a feature that we would like to support in the near future.

This demo was the first production made in collaboration with the Biomechanical Bastards, a strange group of people with no other purpose in life than live all the religions to the maximum allowed by the law. We put the demo engine and they added the contents. Expect more of this conjunction in the future!

The demo runs fine on the latest macbooks (MacOS version) or a Windows PC supporting hardware-accelerated shaders 2.0 without problems. A fast CPU is always welcome for certain sections.

This demo also cleared some dark points regarding the way we construct demos. We are seriously rethinking how the demoengine works and optimizes resources, specially textures, so some great changes and simplifications are in progress for the next version. In the meantime, enjoy this secretion of the Biomechanical Bastards!

The nicks of the people that created this demo An angel shows the reason the city was destroyed by God Animated Biomechanical Bastards logo
Jesus offers the light of knowledge to us Jesus, in the top of the piramid, cleaning the world Jesus shouting while an angle plays the trumpets of death
A family of Jehovah witnesses awaits the destruction Something strange is happening in the skies Jesus stops the hand of the man from creating more evil

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